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XJZHANG UV Disinfection Bag Backpack Portable UV Sterilizer Bag UV Disinfection Pack UV Light Disinfection Cleaner Rucksack with USB Charging - ZRAGT2HG

$72.66 $118.86

★ UVC STERILIZATION BACKPACK : Ozone disinfection bag is safe and reliable, fast sterilization and disinfection, no radiation, no residue. ★ OZONE DISINFECTION BAG : Can effective sterilization, eliminate common food-borne pathogens, such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. ★ LARGE CAPACITY : Multifunctional disinfection bag, large capacity, enough to hold vario..

HTYQ Embedded disinfection cabinet household tableware high temperature ultraviolet disinfection box LED touch screen 125 ℃ sterilization three-layer 120L - YYBFJGBM

$98.71 $138.67

✔125℃ far infrared high temperature effective sterilization, high temperature heat penetration, dry dishes refuse to copy ✔360°high concentration ozone, three-dimensional coating, destroy the protective layer of bacteria and kill bacteria ✔ Independent upper and lower dual mode control, capable of disinfecting baby utensils and household tableware separately or at the same time ✔Toughened e..

LTLJX Multifunctional UV Sanitizer Box with Fast Wireless Charger 10W Aromatherapy Function Portable UV Smart Phone Cleaner - KPGKV3I0

$40.70 $95.09

MULTIFUNCTIONAL UV STERILIZER BOX: The UV Sterilizer Box is equipped with UV power lamp, corresponds to more than 20 times the light intensity of Sunbeams. This UV disinfection box can kill 99.9% of germs with UV light. WIRELESS CHARGING:Built-in Quick charging. The UV Sterilizer is also a wireless charger for any QI-enabled devices. Simply place your smartphone on the top. It's safe and fast c..

HYXSHOP 80L High Temperature Disinfection Cabinet Household Vertical Double Door Disinfection Cabinet High Temperature Drying Disinfection Cupboard Color : Black Size : 43.5 * 37.5 * 85cm - CLAZ6S9R

$19.53 $49.27

■【Environmental protection, strong material】: Use stainless steel embedded cutlery rack, strengthen double-layer explosion-proof and heat-insulating glass, stainless steel inner liner, durable and not easy to rust. ■【Humanized design】: One-key automatic disinfection, simple operation, convenient for parents and the elderly to operate. ■【Multifunctional disinfection cabinet】: 125℃ far-infrared..

Portable UV Sterilization Box Lntelligent Sterilization Home UV Sterilization Box UV Sterilization Cabinet for SPA Hairdressing Salon and Home Health Hair Salon Cosmetics Studio - HJAZVX3V

$98.72 $138.64

ABS environmental protection material: the whole of this disinfection cabinet is made of new environmental protection material, safe and non-toxic, no odour, no discolouration, special material to effectively block ultraviolet rays and viruses. Practical function: UV disinfection is used to kill pathogenic bacteria on beauty and nail tools in an even, fast and efficient way. Sterilisation obj..

LTLGHY UV Sterilizer Box with 10Pcs Premium UVC Leds 99.9% Effective Disinfection Box for Mobiles Daily Items Large Capacity with Bottom Mirror And Bracket for 360° Disinfection - LKOSX8M0

$98.51 $138.45

GET RID OF THE VIRUS - UV phone sanitizer device can eliminate hidden in crevices that cleaning wipes can't reach. With the phone cleaner case can effectively clean your device quickly in 5 min. Protect yourself and stay healthy by keeping your phone clean regularly ULTRAVIOLET SANITIZER BOX:UV sterilizing box is equipped with 10 LED lights can kill 99.9% of bacteria. The whole process produces..

LMEILI High Temperature Sterilizer Box Heat Sterilizer Household High Temperature Sterilizer Towel Nail Sterilizer Dental Dry Heat Sterilizer Safe Disinfection - LYDS6M5E

$98.89 $138.34

360-DEGREE DISINFECTION: 360-degree closed disinfection, high temperature fills each space of the disinfection bin, and the sterilization effect is better 200 ° HIGH TEMPERATURE: sterilized long lower layer has heating pipe to continuously heat, high temperature penetrates inside, efficient disinfection and steam generation to prevent regeneration INTELLIGENT TIMING DESIGN: The time required ..

LJXX UV Sterilizer Disinfection Cabinet Sterilisation Disinfection Cabinet for Baby Bottles Toys Smartphones Salon Tools or Other Items Uv Sterilizer Box for Home - CVBO1YKT

$80.03 $132.18

* Safe and Efficient Sterilizer: UV sterilization cabinet can kill 99.9% of bacteria. By reflective glass provides 360 ° protection. * Multifunction 2 in 1: UV ozone double disinfection cabinet. These two functions can be used simultaneously to improve work efficiency without wasting valuable time. * One-touch switch: Convenient one-button switch, close the drawer and press the switch to star..

Disinfection Cabinet Sterilising UV Disinfection Cabinet Household Large Capacity Uv Light Sanitizer Box Suitable for Sterilization and Disinfection of Various Items - AMRPADQY

$91.93 $138.75

✔ Easy to use: simple touch button, easy to use, more convenient and efficient. With time setting, easy control panel, different times to choose from. ✔ Large inner size: size 13.4 x 8.7 x 9.5 inches, double layer stainless steel stand. Best for metal tools such as nail clippers and tweezers, salon peelers, eyebrow beauty and tattoo tools. ✔ Safety: UV radiation can sterilize and disinfect. T..

minifinker Ultraviolet Wash Cup BPA FREE Material Purifies Faster and More Stable Wash Cup for Going Out or TravelingNardo Grey Pisa Leaning Tower Type - XXCII439

$19.86 $66.89

【Effective Purification】 UVC ultraviolet light, its lamp bead efficiency is 40% higher than that of ordinary lamp beads, and it can continuously generate ultraviolet light in the 260-280nm band, with an effective purification rate of 99%, which is more environmentally friendly. 【UVC Technology】 The purifying toothbrush cup adopts the new UVC technology, which is faster and more stable, more env..

Travel Portable Jewelry Box Faux Leather Waterproof Cabinet Arched 2 Layers Earring Studs Ring Necklace Organizer Case Faux Leather Waterproof Case - KJGFS7Y5

$19.99 $69.50

Used to store rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and other small accessories. The jewelry storage box is small and cute, and it easy to carry and can be convenient for journeys, travels, weekend trips or business trip. Made of high-quality faux leather, durable, odorless, waterproof and moisture-proof. The interior is made of soft velvet cloth, which can protect your jewelry from scratches..

CLING UV Sterilizer Disinfection cupboard household small ultraviolet high vertical kitchen tableware heating and drying desktop 58L - WTIL1GOJ

$98.70 $138.10

[Multi-function disinfection] Storage disinfection cabinet, 24-hour intelligent storage function, intermittent automatic disinfection, 360 degree sterilization, no dead ends, high efficiency, large enough to accommodate multiple items to be disinfected [Smart appointment available] Drying and disinfection system, equipped with a drain tray for convenient and hassle-free, efficient ozone purific..

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